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ELI5 on Windows phone options after updates stop
Posté le: 08/02/2019 12:30

I have a Lumia 640 used mainly as a music player and wifi-only device to surf Reddit, check gmail, and Google stuff. It has a 128g sd card in it right now with all my music. When Microsoft ends support is there a way to still use my phone to play music offline? [url=https://showbox.bio/] Showbox [/url] [url=https://dltutuapp.com/] Tutuapp [/url] [url=https://vidmate.vet/] Vidmate [/url]

I guess I just don't understand what is actually going to happen when Microsoft stops support. Is there an ELI5 for those of us who are not that technically savy? What will happen if I keep using my phone on Wi-Fi? People say it will be like playing with fire but then provide no details. What will actually happen?

If I must switch to Android are there any Android phones that have sd slots?

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Posté le: 09/02/2019 18:05

Honnêtement je pense que poser ta question sur un forum anglophone sera plus efficace Smile

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