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Groove Music still works on Android!
Posté le: 05/01/2019 07:40

Microsoft canned Groove Music on Android and iOS when they left the music market, but doing so only affected Android and IOS Users, as anybody else can still stream music from One Drive through their W10 device. If you try to install the latest Groove Music app from Android, you'll be greeted by a message saying the app is obsolete. However, if you're like me, you might be curious to know what would've happened if you downgraded one version prior. It turns out one version prior to v12 (so anything v11) still works. The app still streams music from OneDrive and everything is as is. It sadly doesn't work with the Zune/Xbox Music live services for obvious reasons, but here you get a beautiful music player for your OneDrive Music (which yes, you can still download and all)

The app might prompt for an update. Always ignore it, as v12 will render you app useless, forcing you to downgrade again.

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