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Help with Android SDK and eclipse IDE
Posté le: 06/09/2017 13:01

My question is do I need to have an android SDK package saved to start a new android project, even if I don't want to run it. And do I need the SDK to create an android virtual device in eclipse.

My problem in detail: I've finally cleared the necessary space on my machine and downloaded eclipse ide and the jdk 8.
I've been coding in java for a couple days but my main focus is to make android apps.
So I downloaded the android sdk, and I set the location in eclipse using eclipse preferences.
But whenever I try to start a new android application project, after I enter the name of the app the next and finish buttons are grayed out(also when I click the drop down list for compile with there are no options to choose from).
Also the same problem when I try to create new AVD. The after filling out information the ok button is grayed out. Meaning I can't click it
(the CPU/ABI drop down list also has no options)
lease help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Posté le: 28/03/2018 15:11

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