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BirdieSync 1.3 (12 oct 2005)
Posté le: 12/10/2006 20:07

BirdieSync (12 oct 2005)

This version is no longer compatible with Lightning 0.1
Please refer to the help file for more information regarding synchronization

Bug corrections:

- If event and task synchronization is selected without having Lightning installed, a pop up window appear to signal it and traces are logged
- Portable Thunderbird can be used even if no version of the classical Thunderbird is installed on the desktop (leading before to an "attention required" and an error in the log about profile)
- It is now possible to pursue installation even if security policy cannot be read on the mobile and even if mobile security policy doesn't seem compatible with BirdieSync
- Traces are now properly displayed in BirdieSyncInstall.log
- If unresolved items (for instance modified on both sides) are not resolved and the mobile is disconnected, next synchronization could make ActiveSync crash.
- If Thunderbird profile path contained non ASCII characters (like accents), the calendar list displayed in BirdieSync option window was empty
- On some particular systems, Thunderbird process detection was not done properly preventing the synchronization from starting and leading to an "attention required" message


- Synchronization with Sunbird 0.3 is now supported
- Synchronization with Lightning 0.3 is now supported
- It is now possible to set a time period of synchronization. This option is particularly useful for Windows mobile 5.0 users, since this option mysteriously disappeared from ActiveSync... Please refer to the Help file to learn more about the restrictions.
- A Help button is now available in BirdieSync options window
- BirdieSync should now respect the theme you chose in Thunderbird.

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