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Post to Blogger from Windows Mobile devices !
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Posté le: 25/09/2006 09:34

Sujet Original : Post to Blogger from Windows Mobile devices !
Posteur Original : apotek le 23/08/2006 22:16:03 ...


A completely new way to share what you discover on Windows Mobile devices has just been released.

Thanks to Hubdog’s newest “Blog it” feature, you can now post easily to Blogger blogs from your Pocket PC.
Find interesting News or Podcasts from your Hubdog channels and post them back to your blog within 2 clicks !

Download Hubdog for your Pocket PC here : www.hubdog.com


Hubdog “Blog-it” Features

- Posts items online or offline.
- Support for the most popular blog site on the web; only Blogger is supported at this time. More blog services to be announced soon.
- Add images and enclosures to your posts.
- Minimal upload bandwidth; text, images and enclosures from a post are not uploaded from the phone, hubdog server manages this process.
- Send posts while on the road. Be the first to break the news no matter where you are.

This easy blogging & clipping tool brings new possibilities to the traditional, deskbound blogging experience.
Here are some cool examples of new innovative ways to use your blogs and your Windows Mobile device:

1. Share what you discover

Every day, my colleague Yuri reads its favorite news and entertainment feeds with Hubdog on its mobile device; clicking on the “blog it” button every time he stumbles upon an interesting item to post on its blog.

The results: Yuri publishes a stunning blog; well, I personally think so! Why? Because we evolve in the same business and have so many common interests; this is why I find his blog so compelling and extremely interesting.

Yuri also uses his blog as a personal bookmark tool. During meetings for instance, he often refers to his blog posts to point out new suppliers and competitor offers.

Consistently, Yuri uses his blog and Hubdog to record every interesting article he discovers throughout the day. This feature is an effective new way to share and track news and information anywhere, anytime.

I encourage everybody to use this feature to update and enrich their blogs, whether you need to share relevant business information, hot topics, viral media, fresh news or entertainment with friends and colleagues.

2. Create fresh entertainment channels

Since Hubdog provides video, image, radio, podcast and mp3 playback support; you can aggregate entertainment channels by simply using your “blog it” button to clip & post media items to a dedicated entertainment blog created for this purpose.

Users can then press the Play button associated with the Hubdog mobile version of this blog; this will start the channel playlist,letting you enjoy a non-stop friendly-suggested media experience.

Share with us more innovative ways to use Hubdog’s “Blog it” feature at feedback@hubdog.com or by visiting this forum: http://www.hubdog.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=371#371

Andres Restrepo
Hubdog Press Desk
t: 1.514.529.0720 x 201
f: 1.514.529-0678
skype: a_res31
e: andres.restrepo@hubdog.com
w: www.hubdog.com
blog: www.hubdog.com/blog
mob blog: www.hubdog.com/channel/908/preview

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